In Love With An Airman
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My name is Chloe. I am 20 years old and engaged to this guy named Timothy. He compliments my weirdness perfectly! Tim is currently serving in the United States Air Force. The military is not the most important thing in either of our lives, but it does have a huuuge impact on our relationship. Because of this, I created this blog to stay connected with others who have found themselves in the same position as Tim and I. Whenever you need me, I will be here :)

Last night it was Military Appreciation Day at the Seminole’s football game. MY TWO FAVORITE THINGS!
I wore this little Air Force bow that I have with all of my FSU gear… my roommate did my hair for me. I have NO girly skills! So I made her do it which was POINTLESS because it rained hardcore anyways haha.
But anyways. It was still a really fun time. They had our whole ROTC program lined up down the side of the field which was nice. Right before kickoff they had 4 guys sail down onto the field with their parachutes which was super cool. 
At the end of the first quarter, a huge group of veterans who are FSU alumni gathered down in the end zone to be recognized and got a standing ovation of course. Awesomeness.
And then there was halftime. The Marching Chiefs really did play an amazing show! They opened up with the Navy hymn to honor the 12 military personnel and civilians who were lost in the navy yard shooting. Then there was a moment of silence for everyone who has lost their life fighting for our country, and then the bulk of the show began.
They proceeded to play each branch’s theme (including the Coast Guard’s theme, which a former Coastie sitting in front of me was really happy about… I really do feel like the Coast Guard isn’t acknowledged as frequently as the other branches…)
But the way they did the show was great! Each song had a special arrangement on the field. First they did the Army (whose arrangement I forget - I’m sorry!), then came the Coast Guard so the Marching Chiefs formed a boat sailing across the ocean. They went into the Navy theme, and turned into a submarine that then dove under the water which was really cool. For the Marines, they spelt out Semper Fi, and then for the Air Force (sorry I’m biased and only have a picture for this one - I didn’t even take this picture though my friend Jordan did) they formed a plane and finished the show by blasting these fire extinguishers off of the wings and moving forward. It was super cool! 
They asked former/current service members and their family members to stand during their branch’s theme. My friend Jordan of course pushed me out of my seat before I could stand on my own when Off We Go Into the Wild Blue Yonder started to play… 
Crazy right??? Now that I am engaged, I guess I am Tim’s family on a more official level… It’s not something we just say anymore. I’m really proud of him. And I’m proud that I get to be his family. And I’ll proudly stand for him, even if it is just at a goofy football game.

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